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Pool Leaks and Repairs

Pool Leaks and Repairs

(Before calling us out you should perform a bucket test to eliminate evaporation)

  • how to conduct a bucket test
  • make sure Paul is at its normal working level
  • Fill bucket 20 mm from the top
  • put bucket on the top step of the swimming pool if possible
  • Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket and the outside of the bucket
  • if the outside level of the bucket drops lower than the internal water level of the bucket there’s a big chance you have a leak and you need to call us..
  • pools can be a very complex system with flow and return lines heating ,flow and return lines ,suction lines airlines,For starters.. now you’ve got a hole in the system the size of a match head. Well you need the specialist as you don’t want some amateur destroying around your investment looking for it.. we have the equipment but most of all we have the techniques and years of experience to solve these issues the most effective and efficient way possible…. We locate and solve issues that other companies just can’t do.

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